Cacao + Conversation: Personal Power
7:45 PM19:45

Cacao + Conversation: Personal Power

Cacao + Conversation is a space for women to build communities of friendship and support, where each woman can be seen for who she really is.

Cacao is a heart-opening drink that has been used in South and Central America by indigenous cultures for centuries in spiritual ceremony to facilitate a deeper connection to the Self and to the Earth.

During this event, you will be served cacao and will receive a brief explanation of its significance and health benefits. You will then be lead in a heart-opening meditation and intention-setting, followed by a facilitated conversation circle on the topic: Personal Power in Theory and Practice

Some questions you may consider beforehand:
1) What does personal power mean to you and how do you exercise it?
2) In what ways do you most commonly find yourself giving your power away?
3) How can you exercise personal power in a way that is kind and respectful of others?

In addition to the cacao (which will be prepared with stevia and coconut oil unless an allergy is specified), there will also be snacks provided. This event will be hosted in my home in Studio City, California.

Please RSVP by 8/18 in order to ensure that there is enough cacao!

Tickets only $15, venmo @mandy-sciacchitano to save your spot

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Offline In the Sunshine
to May 23

Offline In the Sunshine

Grow your business in the summer? AND have more time in the sunshine?

Yes please!

By re-designing your business for the summer, you don't need a income hiatus in order to have more fun in the sun. In fact, by harnessing the natural summer play and creativity, you can exponentially grow your business without chaining yourself to the hustle.

Get Your Ticket Here

Dive in with coaches Mandy Sciacchitano and Lisa Pachence for both parts, as we share the 4 Steps to grow your business over the summer AND spend more time on creativity, fun, and self-expression.

And the best part: it’s all online. Once you sign up, we'll send you the private Zoom link so you can plant your tush on the couch with a glass of wine and your cozy pants while you create the momentum you desire in your business.

Join us and receive these key skills and tools:

  • Developing your mindset to ditch the hustle and don your natural power

  • Harnessing the summer energy of play, self-expression, and creativity

  • Building a plan that enforces freedom and flexibility

  • Moving through resistance when you just don't wanna

  • Retooling the summer energy to work FOR you!

  • Create SUSTAINABLE momentum in your business that will last through the fall

Who's this Workshop For?

  • Entrepreneurs upleveling their business

  • Solopreneurs with big goals in store for 2019-2020

  • Leaders who are on the verge of income breakthroughs

  • Those on summer break (Teachers, Career Counselors) ready to rock their side hustle

This isn’t just another business training. We are marrying business strategy with spiritual and personal growth tools so that you can create that sweet spot that every entrepreneur hopes for in their business: kicking ass with ease.


Our intention is that our attendees gain MASSIVE amounts of value! In signing up, you'll also receive:

  • A free, recorded guided meditation to position your mind for success

  • A Warm-Up Ritual Worksheet to move you from stasis to action.

  • A recording of the two Workshops so you can listen at your leisure, or re-listen to gain even more value.

Come join us for inspiration, fun, and action!

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Cacao Ceremony
7:30 PM19:30

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao isn’t just for hippies!

You know how people always say “everything you need is within you”? Well, it is time to truly stop searching for happiness in the external things and learn HOW to look within ourselves.

Cacao ceremony is a return to the self, to human nature, to mother nature. It is a heart-opening ritual to connect with ourselves and with one another.

The cacao will be pre-prepared and served with an invitation to set an intention. After a brief conversation about the astrological significance of the new moon, there will be a meditation and a creative activity.

Please RSVP by 4/4 in order to ensure that there is enough cacao!

Tickets only $15, or $30 if you would like to participate in the ceremony and stay afterward for a new moon circle with Jaclyn Luna.

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Break Free From Perfectionism
5:00 PM17:00

Break Free From Perfectionism

Perfectionism: The most widely accepted (and celebrated!) form of self-violence in our culture today.

If you are so done:

  • Holding yourself back from trying new things for fear of looking bad or not being good at it

  • Beating yourself up when you don’t NAIL every single thing

  • Taking your frustration out on others when you are in an uncomfortable position where you feel like you aren’t shining

Then you have to be at this workshop.

It is REVOLUTIONARY to lean into imperfect, messy truth.
It is even more revolutionary to find it beautiful and worthy of love.

I am not interested in inspiring you, I am interested in guiding you to take REAL action to stop the cycle of perfectionism and start creating all the things you are seeking: love, validation, acceptance, success, approval.

In this online workshop you will learn my 4-step process for breaking the cycle of perfectionism and replacing it with all of those feelings that you are craving.

We will be walking through each step in REAL time so this won’t be something you just file away to do “later” and forget about. Come prepared with something in mind that you are being a perfectionist about to workshop.

We will write, meditate and explore your inner world through a new lens.

Where: Online, via Zoom video conference
When: Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 5-6:30 p.m. PST

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Cacao Ceremony
7:30 PM19:30

Cacao Ceremony

Join me for a Cacao Ceremony, a heart-opening ritual of drinking raw, ceremonial cacao in order to connect in with ourselves and with one another.

We'll set an intention together, and steep in the magical elixir, participating in a meditation and a creative activity inspired by the new moon in Aquarius to help us learn what to expect and how to harness the energy for our highest benefit.

Tickets only $15, or $30 if you would like to participate in the ceremony and stay afterward for a new moon circle with Jaclyn Luna.

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Comparison + Confidence Holiday Workshop + Coaching
5:00 PM17:00

Comparison + Confidence Holiday Workshop + Coaching

Join me for my first-ever LIVE monthly workshop and coaching call where I will be showing you how to make your holiday seasons joyous and sacred, instead of a stressful, hectic, comparison-filled sh*t-show.

The evening will begin with a guided meditation, then I will be speaking about managing comparison and confidence during the holidays, and giving you practical tools to implement this season. Finally, I will open it up for questions and to give you some laser coaching for your specific circumstance.

We will be covering:

  • What causes comparison and how to avoid it.

  • The foundations of self-confidence.

  • A couple of tangible tactics for tapping into confidence and squashing comparison during the holidays.

This will be a LIVE Zoom videoconference call (it will NOT be recorded), with a limited number of space available in order to preserve the intimacy of the group.

Come as you are from your couch or your car, but prepared to meditate, share your story and participate in some self-examination.

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Stop Being So Hard on Yourself
5:00 PM17:00

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

We all have one.

The little voice inside our heads that tells us there is something wrong with us. That we don’t do anything right. That we aren’t working hard enough. That we aren’t good enough. Skinny enough. Fit enough. Successful enough.

Some people call it the inner critic. The gremlin. The ego. The monkey mind. The noise.

Whatever you call it, I don’t want it to keep stealing your power.

In this 90-minute workshop, I am going to be sharing my 4-step process with tangible action steps for recognizing and shushing your inner critic voice so that you can tap more into your intuition and STOP being so damn hard on yourself!

You will learn:

  • Where negative self-talk comes from 

  • How to distinguish your inner critic from healthy self-awareness

  • A clear process for quieting the inner critic and living a life of confidence

  • How to release perfectionism, people-pleasing, and the fear of judgment.

Be prepared to write, share, and do a brief meditation!

Where: Your couch, your kitchen table, a coffee shop, wherever (you’ll get the videoconference link when you sign up)
When: Thursday, October 18, 2018, 5-6:30 p.m. PST; 8-9:30 p.m. EST
Investment: $20

*There will be a recording for attendees who cannot make it onto the call live (though it is strongly recommended that you do so).

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