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Creating heart-warming connection over ceremonial cacao

Introduce your friends or community to the heart-opening experience of ceremonial cacao, and create an environment of support, healing and connection through deep conversation.

At a Cacao + Conversation event, not only will you learn about ceremonial cacao and its benefits and uses, but you will experience its true magic: the ability to open up your heart, express deep creativity and vulnerability and connect fully with yourself, Mother nature, and other women.


Cacao + Conversation is designed to provide a safe space and a beautiful experience where you can deepen your relationships, practice vulnerability and forge new bonds of trust and support through intimate, real, and authentic conversation over heart-opening ceremonial cacao.

It is the ultimate ladies night, but instead of having a hangover the next day from too much wine and pizza, your soul will be buzzing and your heart overflowing with the kind of love we can only get from feeling deeply connected to other women.

Cacao is a heart-opening drink that has been used in South and Central American indigenous cultures (by the Mayans and the Aztecs) for centuries in spiritual rituals to facilitate a deeper connection to the Self and to honor the 4 elements of the earth: fire, water, air, and earth. Its many nutritional properties create a flood of oxygen and magnesium in the body— as well as seratonin and dopamine— opening up the mind and heart, and creating a sensation of relaxation and free expression.

During the event, you will be lead in a cacao ceremony with optional meditation and intention-setting. Then there will be an open, facilitated conversation circle based on the chosen topic, where each person will have the opportunity to share their thoughts, challenges, celebrations, and feelings.

I host these gatherings monthly in my home and by request in your home for a group of your friends to help you form deeper connections and mask-free, heart-wide-open relationships.

To host a Cacao + Conversation for you and your friends in your home, start by reading this information.

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