Stop over-thinking and start listening

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Fulfillment, peace and clarity won’t come through more thinking.
Come home to your heart and your intuition through my 21-day journal practice.


Hey! I'm Mandy.

I mentor women who have spent so many years pouring themselves into their careers and their families and the path they “should” be on that they have lost touch with who they are.

They are sick of feeling unfulfilled and constantly striving for the next level, and are realizing that doing more, achieving more, and having more won’t bring them the freedom they seek.

I believe that true freedom that comes with truly knowing your soul, embodying your worth and living unapologetically in the joy you find in being your authentic self.

We are all born perfect, unique, and full of divinity. But this world teaches us to fit into boxes and abandon ourselves in search of perfection and achievements. It is a world that makes us think that something is wrong with us.

I am not in the business of “fixing” anyone because I don’t believe you are broken.

I am here to stand by your side and be your guide in coming home to yourself, connecting with your inner power, and reclaiming your wholeness and your worth.

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connection is the way through. choose your path.

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