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You are responsible for your own inner work, but you were never meant to do it alone.

My intention at all my events is to create safe spaces for brave conversations, peeling off masks, and practicing being seen in your truth + power.

The truth is that being our authentic selves and standing in our truth and our power can be hard in this wild world. It is important for us to have safe spaces where we can practice and build trust with ourselves and others. Where we can have courageous conversations, big breakthroughs, and be seen and accepted for out 100% authentic selves. I would love for you to join me at one of these powerful events, where you can build community and lasting friendships with others who are seeking to go deeper.

Cacao + Conversation

At a Cacao + Conversation event, not only will you learn about ceremonial cacao and its benefits and uses, but you will experience its true magic: the ability to open up your heart, express deep creativity and vulnerability and connect fully with yourself and other women.

Cacao + Conversation is designed to provide a safe space where you can deepen your relationships, practice vulnerability and forge new bonds of trust and support through intimate, real, and 100% authentic conversation over heart-opening ceremonial cacao. It is the ultimate ladies night, leaving your soul buzzing and your heart overflowing with the kind of love we can only get from feeling deeply connected to other women.

Join my next Cacao and Conversation in LA! Learn more and RSVP here.

Root to Rise Retreat— Palm Springs, California

Root to Rise is a weekend retreat in Palm Springs from October 18-20 offering you the opportunity to uncover and reclaim the edges of the truth of who you are. Through a combination of breathwork, movement, conversation circles, and creative exercises you will be guided to ground into that truth, define the edges of where you begin and where expectations and the outside world ends, and claim your wholeness powerfully in community with others. 

You will be seen and supported in your full authenticity, creating a community of girl friends who will hold space for you to be 100% real 100% of the time.

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2020 Vision: Empowered & Purposeful Retreat— OBX, North Carolina

Enjoy a weekend retreat in the stunning and peaceful Outer Banks of North Carolina where you will have the opportunity to relax and unwind, connect in community with other women, and be guided through a series of conversations and activities to feel into your vision for 2020 (and the rest of your life), create a plan, and begin taking action to create your most aligned life.

The weekend will take a holistic approach to centering you in your life; through good nutrition, creative activities, conversation circles, daily movement, and time in nature we will create the space for you to be inspired, connect, and create momentum that will help you design a life based on your unique version of joy, peace, and prosperity.

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