Kind words from clients and coaches


Before I started coaching with Mandy, I was stuck in bad routines and not looking after myself. I was looking to create a better life. I have worked with a coach on and off for almost 9 years for different things and Mandy is really one of the best! She dug deep into my patterns and help me shift them and asked the tough questions. I feel energised again, I am back on the path of reclaiming my life and body after children because I deserve it and that took a lot to own up too. I think I am finally happy with me!

Lizzie M., Business Consultant & Coach

I am doing great! I am loving the self-love and no diet approach. It is really helping me stay on point, and when I indulge in unhealthy foods, I do so less frequently and without the guilt. I am feeling happier each days and can really feel the difference.

Andrea B., Supermom and Paralegal

When I first started coaching with Mandy, I was working in a dead end toxic environment, and I kept pushing myself to make it work. Her coaching was powerfully empowering, transformative, and grounding/centering. Investing energy into a relationship that provides another voice, brought me value than I anticipated. I'm now opening my own brick and mortar business with a team of people, and I am an entirely freelance/ independent contractor! Even my husband has noticed a huge shift in me over the past few months. He says that I seem lighter, more grounded, more focused, and more at ease.

Jenn S., Artist + Yoga teacher

Mandy is the real deal. As a life coach, she uplevels the whole industry by bringing her professionalism, pure authenticity, joie de vive, creative expression, and divine presence with her. Her brilliant insights into herself and others - all expressed from a heartfelt, service-based place - affects results, productivity, and self-confidence, among other things. Mandy is a deeply GOOD person, incredibly talented coach, and tremendously humble individual.  Hiring her will radically improve your life. Cannot recommend her more!

Lisa Pachence, Success Coach 

"Skeptic, pessimist, Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy... That was my internal labeling and self-dialogue until I began working with Mandy and nutritional cleansing. She was patient, kind and open while I remained skeptical, pessimistic. Now, I've not only dropped a stubborn 20 lbs (and still going!), I've more importantly dropped the negative mindset that was holding me back from my goals!"

Deborah B., Writer

"Working with Mandy was a grounding, empowering, thought-provoking experience. When we got started, I was trying to figure out new approaches to arriving at a place more "me-like". Since working together, I feel like I take more control over creating my circumstances. I appreciate myself and my rather unconventional life a little more. I less reliant on an external definition to determine my self-worth. Mandy’s authenticity and belief in magic is an inspiration."

Julia D., Nutritionist

"'Wow' is one word that immediately comes to mind when I think of my session with Mandy. I was absolutely blown away on so many levels after our first session. The most important thing I want to touch on is her level of professionalism (this was HUGE for me), as well as how comfortable Mandy made me feel. When I had my first session I had only met her a couple of times and was coming out of one of my darkest moments... super vulnerable for me. After our first few minutes on the phone, Mandy had settled all my nerves and I knew I was in the right place being coached by the right person. My other 'wow' moment was being able to walk away from our first session feeling like I already had a few extra tools to conquer some big demons standing in my way."


Julianna V., hairstylist

"Mandy balances professionalism with warmth and approachability, and she was 100% present and focused throughout our entire meeting. During our discussion, I always felt that she was there for me- not only to help me but also simply listen- and Mandy offers her own insight just as much as she thoughtfully provoked me to dig deeper and find my own ideas. Mandy and I touched on the surface of a few issues that I struggle with, and she gave me relevant and manageable first steps to explore on my own once our session was finished; she has also been following up with me to see how my routine is going, and this constant support is a testament to her caring and super-dedicated attitude." 

Kate S., Writer & Editor