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ARE YOU READY TO Stop beating yourself up, getting ready to get ready, and living in the land of “not good enough”?

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Perfectionism: The most widely accepted (and celebrated!) form of self-violence in our culture today.

It is REVOLUTIONARY to lean into imperfect, messy truth.

If you are so done:

→ Holding yourself back from trying new things for fear of looking bad or not being good at it

→ Beating yourself up when you don’t NAIL every single thing

→ Taking your frustration out on others when you are in an uncomfortable position where you feel like you aren’t shining

Then you have to check out this workshop.

This is different from a lot of the other free workshops on the internet. I don’t just dangle a little information in front of you and then ask you to buy the rest. I bring the goods, giving you a tangible 4-step process that you can take yourself through every day to break the cycle of perfectionism and replace it with the feelings of accomplishment that you are craving.

I am not interested in inspiring you, I am interested in guiding you to take REAL action to stop the cycle of perfectionism and empowering yourself and creating a life you feel good about..

During the Break Free from Perfectionism Masterclass you will learn:

→ What perfectionism is and how it is different from healthy striving

→ How to ditch the “shoulds” in your life and replace them with “want tos”

→ 4 steps to breaking the cycle of perfectionism


And it's all FREE!

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