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50 Ways to Practice Self-Care

An essential part of cultivating self-love and a connection with our bodies and our intuition is self-care.

Many people think that self-care is all bubble baths and chocolate bars, but it really goes beyond those surface-level activities.

Self-care can be defined as any act intended to meet one’s own needs.

That’s why I created this list of self-care activities that you can draw ideas from that fit varied lifestyles, budgets, and needs. While it is important to schedule in some time daily just for yourself, scheduling in one or two of these activities per week will make all the difference in your productivity, your energy, and the way that you feel about yourself.

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The First Step to Greater Self-Love

One of my clients recently said to me during one of our sessions that she saw self-love as being gentle and kind with our thoughts and emotions and self-care as nourishing our physical bodies.

I thought this observation—though it may seem obvious on first read—was really poignant because we often focus on one element or the other, but don’t always recognize the harmony between the two that is necessary to live our healthiest, most fulfilled lives.

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