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Why Willpower is Keeping You Stuck

We have all said it (or thought it) before.

“If only I had more willpower, I would be able to lose weight!”

When in actuality, your lack of willpower is one of the best things that has ever happened for your health and your body.

Willpower may give you short term success in a diet, but in the long term it just increases feelings of restriction and deprivation—you feel like you are missing out on the foods you love and the social life that makes you feel connected.

After a while of following a restrictive diet plan and exercising your willpower, you cave—often with a big binge—and revert back to your original habits because no one could live a happy and fulfilled life making those kinds of sacrifices in the long term. This continues the yo-yo diet cycle, which has negative effects on our metabolism, blood sugar and cortisol levels.

What we tend to label as a “lack of willpower” is actually attunement and connection with our bodies.

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