How to Feel Comfortable Naked

I am sitting here naked as I write this.

This is a big deal for me. I have never been one of those people who felt comfortable being naked, who felt FREE walking around the house with no clothes on.

Feeling jiggles and wobbles when I walk and watching my thighs splay out on my chair when I sit have always made me cringe.

I wanted to look away—to run away, if possible—to cover up and then make a food or exercise plan that would “change everything” so that I never had to feel this way again

Even when I am home alone, I have always felt the need to hide my body… from myself.

Can you relate?

So I am sitting here naked, not because it is comfortable, but because it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

I am sitting here naked, witnessing my whole self for everything that it is PRECISELY because in order to fully heal, I have to show up for myself how I am RIGHT NOW.

I have to commit to myself.

I have to push the edges of what is comfortable for me and fully embrace all that I am.

We cannot heal what we cannot face.

We cannot heal what we cannot embrace.

So I look down now at the rolls around my belly with loving eyes, thanking them for what they represent:

→ Beers with friends we haven’t seen in 4 years in the Dominican Republic
→ A culinary tour of New York City
→ Saturday mornings spent snuggling with my boyfriend instead of grinding at the gym
→ Weeks of travel and exploring new and familiar places
→ The stress of being the bosslady of my own business and make ends meet
→Celebrating and showing love for my friend with my grandma’s lasagna last weekend

My body is a blessing. It has given me so much. It affords me so much.

I tell you this because loving your body is a journey.

There won’t be a lightbulb moment that will make you say: Holy crap that’s IT!  I love myself.

It is small acts of love every day. Small COURAGEOUS and UNCOMFORTABLE acts every day.

Tiny micro-actions that show your body that you are here for it, that you are ready to accept and embrace it.

So I challenge you: for every one negative thought or criticism that you have about yourself, create 2 positive ones.

It might seem like a pipe dream right now, but accepting your body is possible. Just take the tiny actions every day.

If you want some support on this journey, we can do this together. Sign up for a free discovery call so that you can tell me your story!