Why Diets Don't Work

Have you noticed how many diets there are out there?

The Atkins Diet, South Beach, Whole 30, Ketogenic… plans literally coming out the wazoo!

And yet we are still searching.

We know what we need to do, and either

A)      It’s not working for us, or

B)      We just can’t bring ourselves to do it

So we keep starting over again on Monday. Being super “good” for a couple of days or weeks, only to have an event to attend or a birthday celebration and then we go waaaaay overboard and think: “What the hell? I might as well go big and have ALL the things that I have been missing out on.”

Except you eat them all in the same span of a couple of days.

And then you feel like garbage and decide you are going to try something new.

Welcome to the diet cycle.

Sound familiar?

This was my life for a solid 20 years, but add in a heaping scoop of guilt around my food choices, a sprinkle of obsession with exercise to make up for the calories in, and a dash of disgust at my reflection in the mirror.

This is why diets don’t work. Sticking to a “plan” is not sustainable unless you are literally a hermit. And there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition plan either because our lifestyles are so different! Our bodies are so different! How could we expect to replicate the exact same eating plan as someone who looks nothing like us, whose lifestyle is nothing like ours and get the same results.

That’s why I chose a different way.

I chose to trust in my body’s natural intuition. To listen to my hunger cues. To fill my fridge with as many fresh, whole, natural foods as possible and eat them freely as they feel good to me.

I chose to stop going to war with my body and punishing it by restricting its calories and beating it up with marathon workouts.

I chose to ask: what can I add in?

And of all of the strategies that I coach women through to achieve freedom from this diet cycle and self-acceptance and nourishment, this one is my favorite.

Because we deserve MORE, not less.

As I heard on one of my favorite podcasts recently: “When you cut back, you get more lack.”

Seriously, feeling lack in one area of your life usually translates to other areas as well.

No wonder we walk around feeling like something is missing, like happiness is just on the other side of our dreams and goals.

Because we are meant to have more abundance, more color, more joy, more freedom, more satisfaction.

We really can have it all.

If you are feeling intrigued about how you may be able to break the diet cycle forever and achieve your health goals without feeling like you are in food prison, I am taking on new clients to work with one-on-one. The initial consult is always free and a good way to see if coaching is right for you! 

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