How to Tap Into Your Inner GirlBoss (or DudeBoss)

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked for me to write a guest post for her blog.

The topic?

How to be a girlboss.

“Write something positive and uplifting on how to step into your power and get your girlboss on.”

I instantly went into freak-out mode.

“Girlboss is just not my shtick.” I kept saying over and over to anyone who would listen. I literally JUST found my authentic voice and here I was being asked to put on a bubble-gum blogger hat. I came up with all these feminist objections about “Why girlboss? Why the distinction? Can’t we just be a freakin’ boss? We don’t say boyboss.” All in the name of procrastination.

But I knew I needed to follow through with my commitment and that this would be a good exercise in getting out of my comfort zone and writing pieces that could be published elsewhere.

When I really sat down and reflected on it, I discovered that the reason why I was so intimidated by the term girlboss was because I didn’t feel like one. I had all these made-up stories in my head about how when I left my career in the nonprofit world I left my high heels and power suits at the door. I felt I had also left behind my ability to call myself “successful” and be powerful and run the show.

So in my discomfort I went straight to the source: the Girlboss Radio podcast with Sophia Amoruso, the woman who coined the term in her 2014 book, #Girlboss.

In one episode it totally clicked. She said something like,

“Being a girlboss means being in charge of your life and living it deliberately.”



The story I invented in my head about not being a girlboss went up in flames.

I am definitely a girlboss if that is the definition because there are no two words that better describe my daily life than intentional and deliberate, because I HAVE to be. And as a life + health coach it is literally my business and my passion to bring the #GirlBoss (or #DudeBoss) out in everyone.

So I snuggled in one afternoon and cranked out a piece that I am super proud of.

  • I am proud of it because researching and writing it was a growing process for me.
  • I am proud of it because it empowered me to write it.
  • I am proud of it because I wrote it while sprawled out on a mountain of pillows in cutoffs and a t-shirt without a stitch of makeup on because that is how I DECIDE that I like to work.

    And for the first time since I ditched my 9 to 5, I finally felt like a serious #boss.


You can find it here on my friend Andrea Romero’s blog on her site, Spring + 5th. She is definitely a girlboss who kicks ass by day in a PR firm and by night grows her online store and her brand. I am honored to be featured on her blog, and will be sporting some Spring + 5th swag this season, #boss style.