My Commitment to You

There’s something about April.

3 years ago in April I followed the nudge in my soul that had been poking at me for years, telling me to leave my job and pursue something unknown.

2 years ago in April I realized that my lifelong desire to serve could be fulfilled through life coaching, and I got to work launching a life coaching business.

1 year ago in April I graduated from the Beautiful You Life Coaching program and started creating products and services to help people who struggled with the same things I always had: poor body image and relationship with food.

It was also 1 year ago in April that I happened to hear Samantha Skelly on a podcast. Instantly I felt like she had reached into my soul and put words to the mission on my heart. I felt the same nudge telling me to follow her, and the more I learned about her business (her divine assignment) Hungry for Happiness, the more deeply aligned I felt with her mission to help 1 million women free themselves from dieting and self-hatred by 2020.

This past weekend, I officially became a Hungry for Happiness coach, after spending 10 months diving more deeply into my soul than I ever had before.

→10 months of soaking up Sam’s knowledge and her methods.
→10 months of pushing through my own personal resistance and baggage and hauntings.
→10 months of relentlessly pursuing my truth.
→10 months of getting crystal clear on my mission in this world.

Have you ever had an experience that completely rearranged your cells?

The Hungry for Happiness graduation retreat did that for me. Not only did I dive more deeply into my own soul than I ever have before, but I experienced connection with other women on a whole different level.

I learned what it truly means to let go and allow others to see my darkness.

What was once my own personal mission to serve others in the world became a collective mission.

What has been a personal journey and mission for the past 3 years suddenly was no longer about me.

These past 3 years have been in service of creating the space within me to allow something bigger to move through me.

And now, my mission is clear: To help women feel confident in their bodies and powerful in their souls to create lives of radical joy. 

As women, we have the power to rise and change the paradigm of power, wealth and beauty in the world and align it with love.

But we have to be willing to dive inward and face our own darkness. 

Sure, it’s about food and body image… but it’s really not.

It’s about freeing ourselves of the lies that we have accumulated and believed throughout the years about who we are, what we are capable of and our worthiness in the world.

It’s digging in and discovering who we really are and giving ourselves radical permission to be that person and love that person.

It’s about eradicating perfectionism, people-pleasing, anxiety, overachieving and the constant pursuit of happiness outside of ourselves to finding true joy and love within ourselves and letting it radiate out into everything we do.

We are meant for so much more.

We are meant to experience pleasure and live lives of boundless joy. We are meant to be pulled by the tug of what excites us and the dreams that were placed on our hearts.

This work is my soul’s calling.

It has completely changed my life, and everything I do as a coach from here out is in service of this mission.

→I commit to doing the work on myself to live by example.
→I commit to being true and authentic ALWAYS.
→I commit to acting out of love, not fear.
→I commit to prioritizing my self-care insofar as it prepares me to serve others.
→I commit to holding the vision of a world where we live in alignment with the planet, with ourselves and with others.
→I commit to believing that this is possible for you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.

It’s no longer about me.

It’s about the transformation that can happen in YOU.