It’s Barbecue and Bikini Season… Does That Freak You Out?

SUMMER is here! 

Which also means barbecue and bikini season is upon us.

One of my close friends is celebrating her birthday this weekend, and from rooftop barbecues to brewery cake sessions, the agenda is packed with food, friends, alcohol, and more food.

In the past, this sort of itinerary would have given me extreme anxiety.

I diagnosed myself with “social anxiety disorder” but now I realize what it really was: food + body anxiety.

Here are just a few of the thoughts I would have that would make me go crazy with anxiety (and sometimes cancel) before a social event:

1)      There is going to be so much food and alcohol; I know I am going to mess up and go overboard and then it will be so hard to get back on track and my diet will be ruined for at least a week.

2)      I am so bloated right now, none of my clothes fit me right and I am going to look like a whale in all of the pictures.

3)      I don’t trust myself around buffets. I just graze and graze and I can’t stop myself.

4)      I bought a cute new dress but you can see all my fat rolls in it.

5)      Everyone is going to pressure me to eat cake and I am going to be that girl that looks like an asshole for not partaking.

I could go on. For a very long time.

The truth is that these thoughts didn’t stop when I arrived at the event. Often they would play on repeat the whole time, completely taking me out of the moment and keeping me from enjoying my time with my friends and family.

When I think back on all the events I skipped—or the ones that I attended but was too stuck inside this cycle of negativity to enjoy—I feel really sad.

Living like that is so unfair—not just to myself, but to the people who love me. They deserve my full presence. They deserve my best self. And my food + body image issues got in the way of that for a long time.

Now I am committed to never taking myself out of the game like that again. I am committed to giving the people I love the gift of my presence.

And I am committed to helping other people do the same.

Tonight, I am going to bring this Lemony Brussels Sprouts + Quinoa dish to the barbecue because it is delicious and nourishing. I am going to have a burger and a slice of cake if they look good to me.

And I am going to enjoy them. I am going to savor them. And I am going to enjoy my friend and give her the best of me on her special day.

If you are looking toward Memorial Day Weekend barbecues and bikini season with dread, let’s schedule a complimentary consult to see if 1-on-1 food freedom and confidence coaching would be right for you.

Your best life and your best self includes being active and social. It includes food and celebrations and treats. And it includes enjoying yourself and everyone around you.

I would be honored to help guide you there.



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