Calling all passionate people looking to spread health and freedom in the world!

Do you want to...

...contribute more to the world? a part of a positive, uplifting community that cheers you on and supports your dreams?

...create a stream of income that will fuel your passions?

...assist others in creating greater health and wealth for themselves and their families?

...have decision freedom every day because you aren't strained financially?

...wake up in the morning and decide how YOU want to spend the day? a legacy for your family?




We are mothers, teachers, entrepreneurs, superheroes, leaders, world-changers, and smart businesswomen who understand the value of health and the power of residual income.

We are partnered with one of the fastest-growing health & wellness companies in the world, and are committed to serving others and assisting them in becoming the healthiest versions of themselves, inside and out.

We believe in FREEDOM from body anguish and financial woes, and that everyone has the power to create the life that they dream of and deserve.

And we like to have fun.

Lots of it.

And look fly while we do it.


What Do We Stand For: Transformation. Health. Contribution. Freedom. Community. Passion. Family.

Why the arrow?

The arrow represents us because our aim in introducing people to nutritional cleansing is that they will shed the challenges and low self-esteem that are holding them back to be able to go confidently in the direction of their dreams; that they will partner in business with us to create financial and time freedom in their lives and help others to rise and do the same; and, of course, that they drop some toxic pounds, feel pretty darn fly and werk it on the daily.

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