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Perfection paralysis— that special breed of “stuckness” that happens when we are so afraid to look dumb, fail or not be perfect that we don’t even allow ourselves to START, let alone have any fun.

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Whether you have a Valentine or not this year, it is time that we all learned to start loving ourselves and celebrating that love EVERY day.

Self-love isn’t all heart-eyes-in-the-mirror and dancing around in your underwear.
(though if that is you, I am in full support of that!)

It is about self-acceptance. Self-trust. Self-respect. Self-confidence. And positive self-talk.

It means showing genuine respect + kindness for your BODY and your SELF through:

 How you talk to yourself
→ How you take care of your body
→ What you believe about yourself and how you communicate that to others
→ What you eat and how you move
→ How [often] you rest and recharge


During the Break Free from Perfectionism Masterclass you will learn:

→ What perfectionism is and how it is different from healthy striving

→ How to ditch the “shoulds” in your life and replace them with “want tos”

→ 4 steps to breaking the cycle of perfectionism


And it's all FREE!

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