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 no-b.s. life Coach, cat mom, cacao addict, breathworker and overall imperfect human on a mission to life with more joy, vulnerability and fullness

Get out of your head.
Reclaim your worth + your power.
Come home to yourself.

Mandy Sciacchitano is a certified life coach and speaker who specializes in helping over-giving, service-driven women avoid burnout and serve themselves and others better through establishing boundaries, reclaiming personal power, and discovering where they begin.

From a young age, Mandy threw herself into service of others. The childhood lemonade-stand fundraisers and mentoring kids on the playground turned into a nearly 10-year career in the non-profit industry, where she focused on international development projects in the Dominican Republic.

After experiencing countless bouts of burnout and frustration that lead to serious pivots, she learned that she serves others best when she is standing in her own value and power, serving others from the overflow created by her own boundaries and self-care practices. Now she is on a mission to help other women rediscover themselves, claim their personal power, and create boundaries to protect their energy and well-being so that their unique service to the world can be realized in its most powerful form.

Mandy’s coaching style is a unique blend of the soulful and the practical, balancing deep self-inquiry with practical action steps to create greater clarity, action and results. She uses woo-woo tools like breathwork, meditation, journaling, and cacao to eliminate patterns of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and not feeling good enough and helps women come home to themselves and create and communicate loving boundaries.

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One of the first things we dive into in coaching is our values— establishing both what they are and how we are committed to living them every day. Here are a few of mine:

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It is my passion and my mission to help other women connect deeply with their souls because I have seen first-hand that when women feel good about themselves, stop living for others and are led by what excites them, we change the lives of everyone around us.

It’s time to stop overgiving and start serving from the overflow.

If you're looking for a more professional bio and a list of qualifications, you can find it here