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 transformational Coach, intuitive eating champion, Speaker, Yogi, and Mindfulness Junkie

Get out of your head.
Reclaim your worth + your power.
Come home to yourself.

Mandy Sciacchitano is a certified life coach and speaker who specializes in helping ambitious female creatives, entrepreneurs and coaches take their soul work a level deeper in order to create greater clarity, action and results in their businesses.

Adopting the mantra “get out of your head and into your body,” Mandy believes that our perfectionism, lack of confidence, and obsession with achievement as a society is because we are disconnected from our souls and intuitions.

Mandy’s coaching style is a unique blend of the soulful and the practical, balancing deep self-inquiry with practical action steps to create greater clarity, action and results. She uses tools like breathwork, meditation, journaling, cacao, and mindful movement to peel back the layers of who you are not and tap into the power of who you truly are.

It is my passion and my mission to help other women connect deeply with their souls because I have seen first-hand that when women feel good about themselves, stop living for others and are led by what excites them, we change the lives of everyone around us.

If your story is anything like mine, let’s chat and see if I can help you get out of your head & into your body

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