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 self-love Coach, mindful eating champion, Speaker, Yogi, and Mindfulness Junkie

I am a certified life coach specializing in mindful eating and body image.

My mission is to help women build healthy relationships with themselves and their bodies to create FREEDOM from the diet cycle, from avoiding mirrors, and from that little voice inside their heads that screams that they aren't good enough.

It’s my passion and mission to empower women in mind, body, and spirit to heal their relationships with food and their bodies so that they can live a life where they live authentically, own their power, and shine brightly.

I assist women to stop dieting and body hate forever by reconnecting with their bodies, learning to tap into and trust their intuition, and gaining a healthier and stronger mind so that they can lead more fulfilled lives where they make the rules, instead of playing by someone else’s.

I used to call myself
the “Pizza Fairy”.

That’s what I nicknamed myself when I was in the depths of my diet depression. I didn’t trust myself around food—especially pizza—so to feel less shame I joked that if there was pizza around, the pizza fairy would swipe a slice.

I like to be silly by nature, but this joke was more of a way to cover up my pain, to hide the fact that I felt out of control around food … and so ashamed.


For most of my life, I suffered with disordered eating and terrible self-image.

From a very early age I was acutely self-conscious and self-aware. Starting in about the 4th grade I remember feeling different from the other kids because I was new in town, I wasn’t sporty, and I started to not like who I was.

Those feelings never went away. I was deep in the throes of depression and anxiety throughout high school and college, and I considered myself to be unattractive and undesireable.

To compensate, I became a perfectionist and a control freak.

I moved to the Dominican Republic after college because I thought I could escape the pressure to look a certain way, but a series of traumas led me deeper into the depths of disordered eating.

Everywhere you go, there you are.

For my entire adolescent and adult life, my struggle with food and my body looked like:

→  Trying every single diet out there.
→  Logging calories in, tracking calories out.
→  Following a diet “to a tee” during the week, and then bingeing on everything but the kitchen sink on the weekend or my “cheat” days.
→  Punishing myself for bingeing with over-exercise.
 Spending hours getting dressed and often canceling plans because I felt fat or didn't know if I could control what I would eat.
→  Countless crying breakdowns in dressing rooms.

It was an endless cycle of stress and shame → deprivation and obsession over everything that passed my lips → and then bingeing and punishing myself.

I was missing out on so much fun and connection with other people because I was so stuck inside my own head. 

I had no idea who I really was and what I really stood for underneath all of that.


On New Year’s Eve 2014 I was meeting my boyfriend’s extended family for the first time in a brand new little red jumpsuit that I had purchased for the occasion. I had a meltdown before we even arrived to the party because I saw a photo taken before we left that I thought made me look pregnant, and just a few hours later I found myself locked in the bathroom at the party sobbing because I had burst a button on my jumpsuit and was indecently exposed.

I knew that this was no way to live. There had to be a better way.

So on January 1, 2015 I got to work.

I took a big leap, walking away from my job, my apartment, and the things that were chaining me down in my life and walked into what I knew lit me up.

The subsequent process of self-discovery saw me hiring a coach and really digging into who I am, what lights me up, and what makes me special aside from what I look like.

Over the course of the last couple years I have learned to:

→  Listen to my body and give it what it needs in terms of rest, nutrition, exercise, and connection.

  Break down and rebuild my entire relationship with food.

→  Identify and eradicate emotional eating habits.

→  Integrate a meditation practice into my daily life.

→  Be my own caretaker and give myself what I need to feel emotionally full and well.

→  Create routines in my day that make me feel whole and complete.

→  Exercise for fun!

→  Give myself permission to do things differently, from eating to business decisions to exercise and everything in between.

→  Really and truly love myself and my body for everything that it is, rather than point out what it isn’t.


And most importantly …

Enjoy food again!

It is now my passion and my mission to help other women do the same because I have seen first-hand that when women feel good about themselves, stop living for others and are led by what excites them, we change the lives of everyone around us.

If your story is anything like mine, let’s chat and see if I can help you get out of your head & into your body

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