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You don’t have to feel stuck and alone in your work anymore.

If you are anything like I was, you are great at what you do and the world NEEDS your gifts. But you don’t understand WHY you just can’t seem to get enough work to support yourself… let alone THRIVE financially.

You know you have the skills, but your income doesn’t reflect the value of what you do. Chances are there are quite a few layers of confusion, insecurity, lack of trust, fear, and perfectionism piled on top, too.

No wonder you feel stuck. The weight of all that baggage would keep anyone on the ground, striving hard to reach what they know is available to them, but just feeling too tired and overwhelmed to get there.


Are you ready to bloom into your next level?

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i know why you are here…

You are looking for the “thing,” the breakthrough, the step you have been missing that will get you where you want to go:

The place where the numbers in your business match your passion and the value that you KNOW you bring to the world.

“Why isn’t it happening yet? What is blocking me?”

“I am so tired already. If I have to work harder than I already am to achieve success, I don’t know if I want it.”

I know the story because it was mine too.

I felt like I had all the information, I was doing all the things I was “supposed” to, but nothing was changing.

I couldn’t seem to hold more than a few clients at a time, my income never seemed to rise above a certain number.

I was so busy, so spread thin, so overwhelmed with all of the other things that I “could” be doing, but just couldn’t conceptualize of how I would create the time to do them. So I would scroll Instagram and think about how easy it was for all the other coaches out there instead.

Nearly every day—multiple times throughout the day—I felt like quitting.

I cried at the drop of a hat, I felt anxious and guilty about every bill and every dollar that I spent, I dreamed of taking an “easy” job as a secretary just to get off the emotional roller coaster, to work 9-5 and come home and be able to relax and enjoy my life.

And then I would have a session with a client, witness her transformation, and the fire would be lit inside of me again.

I KNEW I was meant to do this. I KNEW people needed my coaching. I just couldn’t figure out WHY it had to be so hard.

And the cycle was taking its toll on my self-confidence, my relationships, and my health. I didn’t want to complain to my friends or partner anymore. I didn’t want to be irritable and snippy after another day of busting my butt at my work and nothing to show for it.

→ I spent more than 2 years in this cycle, and dropped more than $20,000 on coaches and programs and events to figure out “the thing” that I was missing.

What I realized was that I wasn’t missing anything. I was just standing in my own way.

That’s why I created Level Up.

You could reach the next level in your business the long, hard way like I did, or you could learn from my journey and investments and jump on a rocket ship.

Every new level requires a new version of you: new habits, a new community, and a new mindset. We can overhaul everything together all at once… and make it fun!

Lauren Money Testimonial.jpg

What is level up?

Level Up is a 6-week group coaching program that will run from April 29-June 7, 2019 for entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives and freelancers to get clear on how they are holding themselves back and create an inspired action plan that will uplevel their impact and income with ease and flow.

I will be combining soul work with strategy to help you dig deep, shift the habits, thought patterns, and beliefs that are holding you back, and take action on creating what you want.

Soul work: doing a deep dive into the most longstanding beliefs, defense mechanisms, limiting patterns, and cyclical thoughts to create the internal changes that ripple into your external behaviors.

Most programs just try to change what you are doing. In level up, we will create powerful shifts in who you are being so that the changes in what you are doing actually stick.

If you are OVER feeling overwhelmed, anxious, spread thin and frustrated that for all your efforts nothing is happening, then this program is for you.

This is the BETA version of this program, meaning it is the BEST price I will likely EVER offer. If you think it’s something you even might be into, jump it now because you are going to get value WAY BEYOND the investment.

My past coaching clients have:

Left a part-time, minimum wage job and landed a 6-figure dream job
→ Booked gigs touring with chart-topping artists
→ Re-branded their businesses into more aligned areas and nailed high-ticket clients right away
→ Written a book and began a new career as an author
→ Quadrupled their income in less than a year
→ Quit a toxic job and landed a dream job with a $20K pay increase
→ …and a lot more!

the level up 6-week experience will help you:

 Get clear on what you really want and the actions you need to take to get there.
 Identify the patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
Uplevel your money mindset and raise your financial setpoint.
Discern the voice of your intuition from the voice of ego or fear.
Build self-trust, self-confidence, and self-worth so that you can trust your instincts in your business or brand.
Create “your way” of doing business. Give you tools to overcome fear, anxiety, and self-sabotage.
Connect with a community of ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs so that you can collaborate, cheer one another on, brainstorm, and grow together.


what will that look like?:

  • Weekly group coaching calls from April 29-June 7 where I will walk you through the mental/emotional aspects of your business, laser coach you on what is coming up, and then offer assignments to turn that soul work into tangible action.

  • Journal prompts, activities and worksheets to do on your own, as well as exercises to do in pairs that will help you do the soul work and tease out the action steps that are right for you.

  • A supportive online community of women where you can post questions, share your wins & challenges, and mastermind together for massive growth.

  • Extra Facebook live mini-trainings with guest experts throughout the week to answer your questions and go deeper where necessary.

  • Personalized meditations.

  • Optional 1-on-1 deep dive session with Mandy where all the attention is on you! (for VIPs)


are you ready to level up?