YOU HAVE better things to do over the holidays than stress over food and your body

  • Is it hard for you to enjoy the holidays because you spend all your time catering to other people?

  • Do you feel pressure to make every gift, outfit, and holiday meal perfect?

  • Do you find you have no willpower at holiday parties and end up over-doing it and feeling terrible afterward?

  • Are you dreading the social events and seeing out-of-town family because you don’t feel comfortable with your weight and your body?

  • Are you worried about how you are going to do it all AND stick to your diet and exercise routine this holiday season?

  • Do you feel your inner perfectionist spinning out of control this time of year?


→ Do you want a trigger-free holiday season where you don’t worry about impressing everyone, feel free of perfectionism, and handle uncomfortable situations with grace and ease?

→ Who else in your life would be effected by that change?

I don't believe that the holiday season has to be stressful, or that you have to cringe when you step on the scale on January 1.

I believe you were meant to SHINE, and the holidays can be a CELEBRATION of peace and presence.

shine thru the holidays.jpg

I spent so many holiday seasons stressed out about having the “perfect” gifts, outfit, decorations, etc. to impress others, uncomfortable in my body, ashamed of my appearance and trying so hard to control my food and exercise. It held me back from being present with my friends and family and actually enjoying myself during the holiday season.

I was so in my head about the way that I looked, what others would think, and how the pictures would turn out that I totally missed the point of the holidays and spent so many crying in the bathroom.

I missed out on so many wonderful moments being stuck inside my own head.


And that is why I feel I have a RADICAL responsibility to help women break free of body shame, low self-confidence and food control so that they can SHINE brighter than that star on top of the tree.

SHINE Through the Holidays is an 8-week support group and coaching program that will run from November 12-January 7 to help give you a plan of action, personal accountability, and a community of support during the holidays. I will give weekly video trainings on different topics to help you THRIVE through the holidays, and we will have weekly video calls as a group to connect and share our challenges and triumphs. Annnnd I guess I can throw in a copy of my ebook, weekly live Q&A sessions, and unlimited support in a private Facebook community.

I created the SHINE Coaching Group so that you can have a different kind of holiday season, one where you:

→ feel comfortable and confident in your skin
→ stop overeating and and feeling out of control around food
→ learn to manage stress, perfectionism, and high expectations
→ stop worrying about what other people think
→ manage family drama and uncomfortable situations with ease
→ and still manage to have time for some self-care!


  • A copy of my ebook, 7 Steps to Making Peace with Food + Your Body . ($10 value)

  • 2 guided meditations to help you get calm, centered, and clear. ($10 value)

  • 1 90-minute group videoconference coaching call per week. ($250 value)

  • 1 30-minute live Q+A session and 1 weekly video lesson and intention. ($200 value)

  • A community of women who are supporting you, cheering you on, and keeping you accountable. (let’s be honest, this is priceless)

  • Unlimited Facebook support and coaching from myself for 8 weeks. ($200 value)

That is a $670 value that I am offering for only $150*.

I know I must be crazy, but I really want you to stop the struggle and start SHINING like you are meant to this season.

*can be split into 2 payments of $75 if that helps your holiday budgeting!


who's it for?

  • This is for a woman who wants to be more loving to herself, feel less stress, and turn down self-critical thoughts.

  • For the woman who wants to feel confident and light in her body.

  • For the woman who is tired of dieting and doesn’t want to feel guilty about eating the foods she loves.

  • This program is for the woman who doesn’t half-ass anything.

  • For the woman who feels so much pressure to be perfect that it makes her want to quit everything.

  • This is for the woman who wants to be the best version of herself that she can possibly be… for herself and her family.

Is that you?

Let's shine