YOU HAVE better things to do than stress over food and your body

  • Do you avoid catching your reflection in mirrors and storefront windows?

  • Do you feel pressure to have it all together and do everything right?

  • Do you find yourself mindlessly stress-eating and then feeling super guilty?

  • Do you think that you would be happier and more confident if you could just lose X pounds?

  • Do you feel guilty and down on yourself if you miss workouts?

  • Do you dread social functions because you don't like your body or you are worried about the food?


→ What would be different if you no longer spent your precious energy on these things?

→ Who in your life would be affected by that change?

I don't believe that you were put on this Earth to worry about the number on the scale or the size of your dress.

I believe you were meant to SHINE.

shine coaching program.jpg

I wasted so much time in my life uncomfortable in my body, ashamed of my appearance and trying so hard to control my food and exercise. It held me back from doing things that made me happy and being there from other people.

It held me back from truly being 100% authentic in every moment and having the courage to speak up for what I really wanted.

I missed out on so many wonderful moments being stuck inside my own head.


And that is why I feel RADICAL responsibility to help women break free of body shame, low self-confidence and food control so that they can SHINE their own light in the world.

SHINE is an 8-week group coaching program that will run from January 22-March 16 and will take place entirely on Facebook. I will be doing daily trainings on topics like: emotional and stress management, how to deal with hunger, feeling good in your body, weight loss, guided meditations, and more.

I created the SHINE Coaching Group to help you create a different relationship with food and your body so that you can:

→ feel comfortable and confident in your skin
→ stop overeating and binge eating for good
→ learn how to truly connect with your body and decipher what it needs
→ enjoy food and exercise
→ eat and exercise from a place of self-love and self-respect


  • A copy of my ebook, 7 Steps to Making Peace with Food + Your Body . ($9.99 value
  • 2 months of online group coaching (via a Facebook group). ($300 value)
  • Weekly live teaching and Q&A, activities, and experiments. 
  • Facebook community of sisters on the same path for continual support.
  • 2 30-minute laser-coaching sessions with me. ($150 value)
  • Unlimited email and Facebook access for additional support

That is a $459 value that I am offering for only $159.

I know I must be crazy, but I really want you to stop the struggle and start SHINING in 2018.


who's it for?

  • This is for a woman who wants to be more loving to herself, feel less stress, and turn down self-critical thoughts.
  • For the woman who wants to feel confident and light in her body.
  • For the woman who is tired of yo-yo dieting and doesn’t want to feel guilty about eating the foods she loves.
  • This program is for the woman who doesn’t half-ass anything.
  • For the woman who can’t just buy an ebook and let it sit in her inbox, but who will seize the opportunity to use it to transform her life.
  • This is for the woman who wants to give back and make a difference in the world.

Is that you?

Let's shine