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Do you Want to feel more confident, fulfilled, and grateful for your BODY and your SELF?

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February 12-16, 2018

Whether you have a Valentine or not this year, it is time that we all learned to start loving ourselves and celebrating that love EVERY day.

Self-love isn’t all heart-eyes-in-the-mirror and dancing around in your underwear.
(though if that is you, I am in full support of that!)

It is about self-acceptance. Self-trust. Self-respect. Self-confidence. And positive self-talk.

It means showing genuine respect + kindness for your BODY and your SELF through:

 How you talk to yourself
→ How you take care of your body
→ What you believe about yourself and how you communicate that to others
→ What you eat and how you move
→ How [often] you rest and recharge


During the 5 days of self-love you will get:

→ 5 small daily self-love challenges to boost your confidence and self-care

→ 5 LIVE video chats with certified life coach and body love specialist Mandy Sciacchitano

→ Access to a supportive online community of women who are on the same self-love journey


And it's all FREE!

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Join now and make 2018 the year of RADICAL self-love